Hand Made Nim Vind Astro Voodoo Doll

$60.00 USD

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**Hand Made** Craft by Gladys G - Deadly 13 - 12 Inches High

This 12 Inch High, Hand Made Doll is numbered and signed by Nim Vind. Each one is painted and sewn by Deadly 13 and takes 12 hours to make!! This is her third batch and they get better each time. The first two batches of Dolls sold out! If you love crafts, rock n roll and Voodoo you can't lose with this doll!! This price is higher but it's worth it. Comes with a high quality artist portrait of Nim Vind by Jen LaTrois - A4 8.5 x 11 inches and signed!! PLUS you get an alien head sticker seen at the bottom left of the pic.